adjustable retainers

Keep your sunglasses off your head and your retainer off your neck. Adjustable, comfortable, and colors that fit your style.


Helps me keep track of my sunglasses that's for sure and are essential when motorcycle riding. Keeps the shades on the head in all the sports I do.

Beau via AMAZON

I work as a Deputy and I am constantly running, jumping, or just being active with some training and sports. Before buying these eyewear retainer i would either loose or break just about every pair of sunglasses I owned. I've had the same pair of sunglasses for about four months now thanks to the retainers

Jonathan via Amazon

I really enjoy these! I have used many types and styles but none stand up to the flexibility and durability of these!
Will definitely order another pair...highly recommended.


Great price, fits my glasses well, and they stay put on my head while on the water. They look good, and don't slip open so far.

Jonathan Pilgrim via AMAZON
Spike via AMAZON

Like the title says, these are some of the best $12 that I've spent. Keeps my sunglasses snug to my head when I'm out in the yard or at the water park. They go on easy and stay on. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair.

Randall B via AMAZON
the best retainers. period.

Whether you are charter fishing the Gulf of Mexico or cross-country skiing in the northern midwest, we've got your sunglasses secured.