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My name is Jake – I started Pilotfish back in 2016. You’re probably wondering how we got started… I was in Key West making the jump from the dock to the boat when my sunglasses slipped off my face. I made one desperate attempt to snatch them with a swipe of my hand and.... caught 'em. Thank goodness.

Relieved I had just saved my expensive shades I headed to a small shop in the marina. I went inside and began my search for some sort of sunglasses retainer. As I looked, my options were limited and I couldn't find anything that complemented my expensive sunglasses. Expensive shades, cheap retainers. There was nothing there I could say I was proud to wear. After that day, I got to work.

Pilotfish was born.

The name comes from a little swimmer with some big friends. The pilot fish, measuring around a foot in length, can be found throughout the world and is recognizable by the six or seven vertical stripes on its body – but the most striking thing about them is the company they keep. Pilot fish are part of one of nature’s most fascinating mutualistic relationships, guarding themselves from threats by tagging alongside sharks. In return for protection, pilot fish keep the shark free of harmful parasites and are even known to enter their mouth to nibble away food debris.

Like a pilot fish to a shark, our products share a mutual relationship with you and your eyewear. The rest of our story has yet to be told. Where Pilotfish goes and how we get there depends a lot on you, our customers. Our goal is to grow with you and become a trusted brand that you're proud to wear. We invite you to be a part of our story.

"Hold on to what matters most"

-Jake, Owner and Founder of Pilotfish