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Pilotfish wants to be your eye retainer at work and at play. Eye safety is absolutely critical, especially if you work in the industrial field. Your eyes are constantly exposed to chemicals, heat, and particulate matter. Maintaining proper safety equipment can be made even easier with an eyewear retainer.

Using Pilotfish retainers can help ensure the safety of yourself or your employees, depending on your role within the company. The exciting colors and themes make them a hot commodity, all while protecting one of your most valuable assets.

Whether you opt for the classic no-tails for a slim, sleek look or the fun Neoprene retainer available in a dozen “outdoorsy” prints, we’re sure to carry something you’ll love wearing.


Eye Injury Statistics

Because eye damage makes up such a huge percentage of work-related injuries, statisticians and researchers have dedicated a lot of time studying their prevalence and cause.

The Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (eCLOSH) has found that craft workers, plumbers, electricians, and pipefitters have the highest rates of eye injuries. If you work in one of these fields, a Pilotfish strap can help you maintain proper eyewear without fear of it slipping off or sliding around.

The eye safety page on the Center for Disease Control’s website notes some staggering figures about on-job eye injuries:

  • Approximately 2000 workers sustain eye injuries on the job every day
  • ⅓ of those injuries require emergency room treatments
  • Over 100 of those injuries require one or more days away from work
  • The most common cause of eye injury is striking or scraping caused by particulate matter in the air around the job site. This could include anything from cement chips to wood pieces, or even dust.

    They also note that the best way to avoid becoming a victim of an eye injury is to wear safety gear appropriate for the job that you’re performing, whether it’s a pair of goggles or a full-face respirator.


    Encouraging Proper Eyewear

    Ensuring property safety measures are being taken is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. If you’re an employer or job site overseer, you can encourage proper precautions to be taken by giving workers options when it comes to eyewear.

    In fact, practical and fashionable safety wear has become a large market. Personal protection equipment (PPE) manufacturers are looking towards trending eyewear designs to incorporate a little style into their product.

    Now, you can find safety glasses that meet all proper protocol while showcasing colorful designs, wrap-around shapes, and even mirrored lenses popular for aviator styles. Add even more personality by bringing in Pilotfish retainers that can be transitioned from the job site to their favorite fishing spot, the putting green, or even a backyard barbeque.

    Additionally, Pilotfish straps add a level of comfort that can encourage workers to wear their eye protection all day long. Equipment manufacturers are coming to realize the correlation between the comfort level of glasses and the tendency of craftsmen to wear them. Thus, they are building in elements such as:

    • Padded or gel nose pieces to prevent slipping and chafing
    • Flexible temples that move with the head
    • Cushioning around pressure points, such as the browline
    • Retainers with adjustable straps to keep equipment on the face

    Incorporating a Pilotfish retainer onto existing safety equipment can save you money by foregoing ordering all new goggles and create a more comfortable piece of PPE for your employees or yourself.


    First-Hand Reviews

    If we still haven’t convinced you, check out some of our Amazon reviews:

    “Great quality, good fit and FINALLY a sunglasses strap long enough without me having to take them off every time I put them on. Great product!” - Jacob Lamb

    “Husband bought these for wearing on his glasses while working a field technician job and for when he works out. It has worked out wonderfully for both purposes. He has sweat through it all, and no issues with his glasses falling/slipping off. As the one who didn't pick it out or research it, I was a little shocked that he would spend that much, but I see now the value that he received!” - Elizabeth

    No matter which style you prefer, rest assured that Pilotfish eyewear retainers will keep your goggles and glasses where they need to be. 


    April 23, 2018 — Jake Hottenstine