Ally Sunglasses (Matte Grey X Blue Mirror)

$49.99 $64.99

  • Polarized CR-39 Lenses: CR-39 has an optical clarity rating as good as glass. When compared to others like TAC, polycarbonate, and nylon lenses, it provides vastly superior optics, zero distortion, and scratch-resistance
  • TR-90 Frames: We have sourced the finest materials for our TR-90 frames. Our TR-90 sourced from Switzerland is a high purity thermoplastic that offers high flexural fatigue strength and toughness
  • Pilotfish Polarization: Our mens sunglasses and womens sunglasses always come polarized. Polarization helps prevent eye strain and fatigue by reducing glare and reflection of harmful light. It provides increased contrast, minimal color distortion, and UV400 protection
  • Special Lens Coatings and Layers: Our special hydrophobic lens coating provides smudge-proofing, water-repelling, and static-resistance to help keep lenses easier to maintain. Our anti-reflective layer helps reduce glare, light halos, and reflections on both sides of your sunglasses for optimal clarity, whether its shades for men or sunglasses for women
  • Lifetime Warranty: We believe in offering the best sunglasses, at the best price, and hope to be your go to brand for sunglasses. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Just register your shades when you receive them