Kite Surfing in the water

Whether you’re into white water rafting, rock climbing, or leisurely boat tours on the lake, a sunglass strap can protect your investment. Any sport that keeps you moving requires the proper gear and Pilotfish has exactly what you need.

Summer is approaching, and if you love the sun and sand, you’ll find yourself out on the water as the days get warmer. Protecting your eyes from the harsh rays is a necessity. The best way to do that is to purchase sunglasses with 100% UV ray blocking. Obviously, the more protection glasses have, the more money they’re going to cost. Even the biggest adrenaline junkie feels the pressure to keep their sunnies safe.


Innovation At Its Best Is Simple

Traditional sunglasses lanyards simply can’t be trusted. The rubber loops that attach over the arms of your glasses can easily stretch, warp, or even snap. You may not even know there was a problem until the wind catches your sunglasses just right and whips them off your face. Pilotfish sunglass straps stay strong and come in patterns that match your personality.


No-Tail Retainers

Our no-tail retainers are made of coated stainless steel cable, with waterproof silicon ends that fit snugly over any shape or style. They adjust to fit your needs, whether they’re hanging loosely around your neck or fitted over your ears and come with a stylish Pilotfish logo.

Featured Products

Neoprene Retainers

Our neoprene retainers come in a variety of affordable styles to keep you looking fresh all summer long. The neoprene material we use is lightweight, waterproof, and it’s made to float. Our durable double-stitch means they’re washable and made to stand up to even the most adventurous lifestyle.

Pilotfish takes pride in keeping your eyewear investment safe, no matter what kind of outdoor activities you choose to enjoy. You can feel confident knowing that whatever you pursue, Pilotfish keeps customer service a top priority.

Don’t Just Take It From Us

Amazon User, C. Dear says, “Better than expected. Perfit for my Coasts Ballast sunglasses. I just returned from Jamaica. These held my sunglasses while I climbed Dunn's River Falls. It was an extreme climb with enormous water pressure. Bought these after my other pair fell off without me noticing. Learned my lesson! Don't make the mistake I did. Buy these!”



March 12, 2018 — Jake Hottenstine