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Sunglasses can be very expensive, especially if you pick out a premium pair. With summer right around the corner, you’ll want to protect your investment with sunglass straps from Pilotfish. We’re dedicated to becoming a brand that people know, love, and are loyal to when they want to be sure that their shades stay safe for years to come. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Read on to see what our customers have to say about their purchase.


“Love these Retainers”

Amazon user Johnalan shared “Love these retainers!!! They are comfortable AND the fact that they can be adjust to fit your head and then loosened to allow the glasses to be removed is fantastic. The mechanism for adjusting the fit is superb and easy to work. I have an older pair of Ray Ban prescription glasses that need an update and have not been adjusted for tightness of fit in over 2 years. These solved the problem of my glasses falling down my nose, especially when working in the yard. I couldn't happier, especially at this price.”

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Not Just for the Outdoors

Pilotfish sunglass straps aren’t just for sunglasses, though! They’ll also help you keep your reading glasses exactly where you want them. Whether it’s during outdoor play or even on the job, Pilotfish has you covered. Nursing student and Amazon user Amy said, “I am a student nurse and found that I needed something to hold my glasses on during clinical while bending over patients. So far this has been exactly what I was looking for. I can attach and remove the retainer to my glasses quickly. When I put my glasses over my head and put my hair over the retainer and tighten it - you can't even tell that I have something holding my glasses on. They feel secure and comfortable.”


We Have It

Pilotfish wants to be your go-to for sunglass straps and eyeglass retainers. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and simple or something with a little more color, Pilotfish has what you’re looking for.



March 19, 2018 — Jake Hottenstine